Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Princess Potty or Diapers? Which one will she choose?

We are starting to work on Potty training with Little Missy and it is not going so well. My five year old was so easy, and I just knew this one would be even easier! NOT! Miss priss decided at the age of 2 ½ that she was going to wear panties, and she did not want them to get wet. “A Princess cannot walk around with wet clothes”! So I bought panties and we have had 2 accidents in 3 years.

Now, little miss has turned 2 (February) and her sitter sits her on the potty and lets her wear “pony panties” for about an hour. She has yet to go; but, she loves to wipe. AND LOVES TO FLUSH! I went out about 2 weeks ago and bought her a soft, pink, princess potty seat that goes on the big potty. We all made a HUGE deal over this. Miss Priss even said, “I can’t wait to use your potty, it is soooo pretty”… thinking this would get her stirred up because she doesn’t like sister doing anything that she can’t do! I told her “look at your big girl seat”. She looks over at it and then points to big sister and says “that sissy’s”. I said no baby that is your very own princess potty. She stares at it for a minute, then looks up at me and in a very “matter of fact” voice says “No, ME WUR BIPERS” (me wear diapers)!

So much for that potty seat!


MGM said...

Yeah. I know. My firstborn was potty trained at 22 months. I am seriously not joking. She didn't have a single accident. She practically did it all by herself. My son, notsomuch. At 27 months he still wants nothing to do with it. I'm told it's still "early." Early? My daughter was done with diapers a half a year ago by this time. I'm told, "Yeah, but she's a girl and girls are easier." Okay. I'm trying to be patient.
Dear Son can now tell me he's "poopy" and that he needs his diaper changed and lie down on the floor in position all by himself to get the darned thing changed. If he can do all that, wouldn't ya think he could start using the potty?
He loves to sit on it. That's not the problem. As long as his pants are up. Then he will do his business sitting like that on his potty chair. With his pants up. Then he will announce to me, "Poopy! Change diaper!"
He will talk about his Spiderman underpants, but I told him he can't poop or pee in them. So they sit on the shelf and he talks about them while I change his diaper. Meh!

kristi said...

Good luck! My daughter was great and trained by 2 and my son was 3 1/2. UGH.