Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just Rambling!

I have not posted in a long time because, frankly, I have just been in a bad MOOD!! AFter losing 2 grandfathers in one month, having your bank accounts wiped clean by some "idiot" who thinks he can have anything he wants for FREE, and then having a small bout of struggles at home...... WELL, I guess I deserve to be in a bad mood. One of my grandfathers was "Completely alzheimers" and didnt know he was in the world,and malnurished because he refused to eat so He is definitely better off with God. The other one, well, he was sick and struggling at times, but I miss him like crazy. Life isnt the same anymore. My family believes my grandmother will become her "old" young, shopping, full of life self again. I cant make them understand, She is 82 and it just isnt going to happen that way. She lost the man who she has loved, hated, slept with, drank coffee with, shopped with, and followed Jesus with for 59 years! How do you get through that. She is angry and sad. Not to mention has a severe case of dementia. Everyone means well and they want what is best for her, but sometimes I wish they could just leave her alone and let her be. They had to get rid of her dog, which added to the depression. It needed to happen because he hikes his leg all over the house. YUK! But she loved that little fart! He was her connection to her husband. It is just sad when your spouse leaves you behind and they get to live the good life in Heaven! I hurt for her and for me!

My little 'miss priss' is set to go to the Hannah Montana concert in three weeks! How exciting. Except she is riding with my sister and my husband and I have decided not to go. We sold our two tickets to a friend. I am scared for her. I want her to go because I know she will have a blast with her favorite cousin.....but, it is over an hour drive, all interstate, in a huge building with 10,000 little girls! (talk about a pedafile hangout)!! I have to trust that God will get them there, allow them to enjoy themselves, and then bring them home safely! I have to let go!