Monday, April 30, 2007

Hopefully Back!

I have been taking a break from this blogland. My life has just all of the sudden turned into total chaos! It seems as though every time I sit down at a computer -something else comes up and it takes me away! Our lesson in Sunday School yesterday was about David being in the cave. Essentially talking about how God is with us even when we are locked up in the cave, or in a storm, so to speak! It was good for me, because I have been in a cave lately! There is nothing major going on, just Graduation, trying to find a teaching job, homework, kids...etc..etc.! But I still feel hollow! I have just wanted to be a recluse in my house! I need to clean, I need to work in the yard, I need to get caught up on homework assignments, I have a chemistry class about to start, I am walking across the stage this saturday -and would you believe I just sent the invitations out this weekend? I have found myself forgetting to Pray, I have found myself not making time to read my Bible or any type of Bible study! This is so typical-get started into something and I get so overwhelmed I cant finish it! I do listen to the radio in the morning to hear "Adrian Rogers" sermons -he is so awesome! This blog life seemed to uplift my spirits so much when I had time to read everyones journals--and I loved having people come and comment---it makes a difference to know someone else is taking the time to find out about your life! When I sit down to Pray, I dont even know what to Pray! Their are babies of course that need Prayers, like Ethan, Ashley, and Kanyon! Their stories are amazing and inspiring--you can see God working miracles everyday! But I find myself focusing on them and not on myself! My family needs Prayers, maybe not to that level, but I need them! So why cant I see Blessings? Because I am "Martha"--"anxious about everything"! The Bible says "Be still and Know that I AM GOD"--so when I find time to Be still, I will take that deep breath and find Him! Anyway, it is good to be missed and I will be checking on my friends sometime today I hope, and throughout this week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am Back-Here is Where I have been!

I have not been here or to read anyone else's blog in over a week! I have truly missed my computer. My life just went crazy. the week after Easter, we sold our "huge" corner desk that took up ALL of my dining area and bought a small computer armoire! So we had disconnected our computer for a few days! Then on Wednesday I started my vacation--well--time out of the office I should say! Wed morning I taught my JA class, then rushed over to gymnastics, then over to a friends to discuss our summer babysitting plans! I took my four year old out of Montessori school--(another whole post)! Thursday from 8-5 I was with my leadership class planting grass, building a swing set, a porch swing, a picnic table, putting together toys, building a privacy fence..etc...etc... I will be getting pictures so everyone can see what a great job it was! (Very rewarding), Then Friday morning I was running the roads visiting new schools and packing for my weekend scrapbook retreat in Canton, Texas! I had a hard time deciding whether or not to go because of the weather, but I went, and I am so glad God pushed me out the door! I had the best time and met some wonderful people! Of course, I only got 3 double page layouts done because I was not motivated and was visiting too much! the place was beautiful and peaceful and I just enjoyed the rest! When I came home on Sunday, it was full throttle..... cleaning the mess my "3" kids made (husband, and girls)! then up early on Monday and Tuesday for work-and now my grandfather is having heart problems-please Pray for my family this week! It will be a tough week! Hopefully I will be able to get back into the groove and post something inspiring! Well I am having furniture delivered today so i am pretty busy! And I have to get my College graduation invitations out today, since my ceremony is in 3 weeks! yes I procrastinated! Then with all of that I have homework and lots of it! Thanks for checking in with me--I feel missed and loved! I promise to start my regular posting as long as things dont get out of hand again!

Monday, April 9, 2007


Well, I am late posting because Easter Sunday was so busy! Dying and hunting eggs! Saturday night, I had my 10 year old neice, my 4 yr old, and my cousins 3 yr old lined up in chairs in the kitchen. We were making our first batch of "Resurrection Cookies". They were all so excited because they were getting to make cookies; and all of them told each other how they were going to decorate their cookie! When I got everything laid out and then placed the Bible right in front, they all said "why is the Bible in here? It will get dirty"! I told them these are not ordinary cookies, these cookies tell the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus! We cant eat them until in the morning. Their faces were priceless, LARGE smiles went quickly to LARGE frowns! We got started and were reading the Bible verses given. I came to the part of the color white meaning our sins were washed white as snow.....
I asked them can any of you tell me what a sin is........the little ones spoke up to say very quick "yep, when you dont obey yor (your) paiwents (parents) and otha (other) adoolts (adults)! It was so very cute.
We got to the end and each one had their tape ready to seal the toomb (oven). All done, and here comes Ms. "into everything, busy body" and pulled off our tape! My four old started to cry (she is a drama queen like her mommy)! She said "mommy she opened up ouw (our) toomb"-I fixed (as we like to say in Texas) the problem and we went to bed. We got up the next morning and pulled them out of the oven.....they were not hollow, just crumbly! But we didnt make the mounds large enough! The girls still got the message and had fun! We celebrated Jesus and had a great weekend! HE IS ALIVE!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Can you Only Imagine?

I dont know if that is a great title for this post. I have all of these things in my mind to get out, but they are in no particular order. They are somewhat scattered. Last night when I left the office, I stopped by Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart to get things to fill Easter baskets. This is something I have never done before! Last year when Ms. Priss was 3, she really didnt know you were supposed to get something, so I bought a movie and let her dye Easter Eggs. This year she hears all of the talk about "the Easter bunny", and what he is going to bring to her. This makes me sad, because every holiday seems to be about 'what gifts the children are going to get'! Now, dont get me wrong, I love to buy for my girls and I LOVE TO GET things myself! But as I was shopping through the ridiculous crowd last night and being bumped into, the thought of Easter being as bad as Christmas time just made my angry! This year I want to make Resurrection Cookies, I found this idea on Sweet Erna from Sweet Serenity's blogsite. I dont know her of course, she lives somewhere in Canada but she helped me with my set up of this blog and she has such a beautiful sweet spirit. Anyway, she does cute crafty things with her kids to teach them about Jesus!
All I could think about last night was "who in the world came up with buying presents for Easter". This is a holiday that is celebrated because Jesus died and Rose for our sins.! he was beaten until he bled, He was hung up by nails. Can you imagine what that felt like? Nails? Have you ever had one in your foot? That hurts! Can you imagine seeing your kids have that done to them? God had to watch this happen!!! Then he Rose much to everyone's surprise! Now how cool is that? But the Bible does not say "Now go and buy your kids something else they dont need"! Of course I followed tradition and got a few little junk items to throw in a basket! It just frustrated me to have to shop for those things neither of my girls needed! They dont eat candy, they have too many toys, and we have no money to buy junk! Yes, they would be fine without something, and maybe I wont do that from the "Easter bunny", but I do like for my kids to be able to talk about things that the other kids are raving about! I think I want to work on that part of my self from now on! My kids dont need to be like everyone else; but I do not want them to feel left! I want them to be Happy and be able to say "You shouldnt ask for presents on Easter, you should be happy you are here on this earth and you will have life for eternity on streets of gold with no wants, or needs, or Fears of any kind because Jesus died and Rose AGAIN"! Wow, how cool is that?

Thank you oh Gracious Heavenly Father, for your Son. the JESUS that endured so much pain and suffering, so much agony, just to save me and give me a life with Hope! In Jesus PRecious Name I pray. AMEN

Friday, April 6, 2007

Another Contest

They are having another giveaway over at 5MFM..they are giving away the great new printer that can be hooked into a phone line for someone without a computer. ITs A way you can stay connected with those who dont have our great technology. Its called the PRESTO! It retails for about $150. PRetty cool. Get on over there and check it out.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Three things happening in my life.

A lot has happened in the past few days that I just have to get out before I forget. First of all, my “Little miss” should have been a boy. Not because I wanted a boy, but because she is rough and wild like a little boy. She has legs of a linebacker and she is tough. The other night I was rocking her and she was pulling my hair and laughing, then she would stick her fingers in my mouth in what seemed like an effort to pull my teeth out! When you try to take something away from her she has such a grip that it takes all my might to get it from her. I guess she is getting me back for the time she spent in ICU and all of the needle sticks she received, not to mention the calcium intake she was given made her strong. J

I taught my first Junior Achievement class yesterday. It was so much fun. I volunteered for this because the person who was signed up to teach this class emailed everyone that she had taken a new job in Arlington and was not going to be able to do it. So, since I want to be a teacher, it sounded fun to me and I responded. I have never even heard of Junior Achievement! Well, I have heard the term, but didn’t know what they did. They take volunteers and sign them up for the local schools for a 5-7 week (once a week) program. The volunteers are assigned to a specific classroom and they are given a full lesson plan with activities to teach in a 45 minute period. It helps teach kids about staying in School! This year the lessons are about cities, zoning, and different things that happen within these areas. I was assigned to a 3rd grade class at one of the school districts on the South Side of town. It is considered a magnet school; however, some of the children are less fortunate and may have many problems within their home. They love to see JA come through-it makes them feel loved. My husband and I were so nervous! I only had 10 kids due to testing, but we had a blast. The kids are so sweet. I asked the question ‘what would our city do without a city planner, what kinds of things do you think would happen”—one little boy spoke up and said “Ms., I think we need to have a talk with our planner. Whoever designed the location of our school did a horrible job.” I asked “they did, what do you mean” he said to me “well, our school is here, right?, Just down the street they put the place where dead people go and have their blood drained”! (A funeral home) Then went on to say “And the hospital,…. Well it has a liquor store right next door”! It was all I could do to keep from laughing! I almost choked. Kids can say the funniest things!

I spoke with the local police department about my little teenage problem. And guess what they said ……You got it—there is nothing they can do. He ran the plates and told me he is on a first name basis with this child’s mom because both of her boys stay in trouble. I quickly said a Prayer for this mother and this kid. He also told me that because of our legislature this kid could park outside of my house and say whatever he wants 24/7 and he could not do anything about it. This is the reason our kids are like they are today! They have absolutely no discipline and the government is making it where they get away with everything just shy of murder. He could get prison time if he harassed me by email, but not to my face. So of course my response was “you are telling me that someone is going to have to bury their child before he can get punished”. That is so sad! I told him he may end up with four flat tires and a few dents on his car, to which he responded “don’t tell me anything”!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Where is the Respect?

What happened to respect? When I was a teenager I was told to shake hands with an adult, say yes maam and no sir, speak when spoken to, and us courtesy for others when driving down the road. Now, I was raised in Hallsville "(Hicksville)", and we had our share of rebellious rednecks--but for the most part we were taught that we should respect anyone older than us!
Teenagers today do not have that kind of respect!!! They think they are better than anyone and we should get out of their way! Please do not get offended if you read this and have teenagers...... I am not saying they are ALL that way, I know a few good ones. But here is a great example of what I am talking about.

Last Friday I had both girls with me and was on my way home from work. I turned on my road driving only about 15 miles an hour because their were kids playing outside. When I came upon the street just before my house, a red mustang with two teenage boys just decides to run the stop sign and pull out in front of me! I dont mean your typical near miss, I mean I came to a complete stop in the road because he was 3 feet away from me when he pulled out. He was watching me and knew exactly what he was doing. It irritated me so much and of course I gave him my evil mom stare. That didnt seem to matter much, he and his friend just laughed! I know they were thinking "that old woman thinks she was going to scare us"! Well yesterday I decided to mow the front yard and while I was out there my neighbor came to talk. While we were standing in the front yard, I noticed this same car and boys coming down the street. I looked up and they pulled over in front of the curb and stopped, then rolled down their windows as if they were going to say something.

These two "punks", as I like to refer to them, just started laughing and spun their turns as they drove off! I could have spit nails at this point and if I would have a gun, they would have had four flat tires! I am still on the hunt for these boys and I am asking around to find out who they are. I plan on meeting their parents and then talking to the Chief. Will this do any good? Probably not, but I am just so irritated and they should not be allowed to get away with acting like "punks"! My other neighbors are angry because these kids drive up and down our road at 55-60 miles an hour. I live in a neighborhood--20 mile an hour TOPS! Kids ride their bicycles and adults walk the block-55-60 will eventually lead to a tragedy if they are allowed to keep going! I am so mad! But I know God doesnt want me to handle this one because I wont do it in a very Christian like manner. I have asked him for strength to give this up, but he is not giving me that! I wonder , is it Ok for me to ask GOD to handle them in a manner that will teach them?? I dont mean I want something bad to happen to them, but the front end of my truck embedded into the side of their pretty red car might do the trick--(without anyone hurt of course) Just a simple little something that would make them lose their wheels!
Yes , I am rambling but I am mad, I hope I can raise my girls to be better drivers and to respect other people! This is my goal, we are going to start teaching what the word "respect" means. My four year old is doing ok , but I plan to make it even better with God's help. That way, some old, grouchy, woman doesnt come looking for her one day!