Monday, April 2, 2007

Where is the Respect?

What happened to respect? When I was a teenager I was told to shake hands with an adult, say yes maam and no sir, speak when spoken to, and us courtesy for others when driving down the road. Now, I was raised in Hallsville "(Hicksville)", and we had our share of rebellious rednecks--but for the most part we were taught that we should respect anyone older than us!
Teenagers today do not have that kind of respect!!! They think they are better than anyone and we should get out of their way! Please do not get offended if you read this and have teenagers...... I am not saying they are ALL that way, I know a few good ones. But here is a great example of what I am talking about.

Last Friday I had both girls with me and was on my way home from work. I turned on my road driving only about 15 miles an hour because their were kids playing outside. When I came upon the street just before my house, a red mustang with two teenage boys just decides to run the stop sign and pull out in front of me! I dont mean your typical near miss, I mean I came to a complete stop in the road because he was 3 feet away from me when he pulled out. He was watching me and knew exactly what he was doing. It irritated me so much and of course I gave him my evil mom stare. That didnt seem to matter much, he and his friend just laughed! I know they were thinking "that old woman thinks she was going to scare us"! Well yesterday I decided to mow the front yard and while I was out there my neighbor came to talk. While we were standing in the front yard, I noticed this same car and boys coming down the street. I looked up and they pulled over in front of the curb and stopped, then rolled down their windows as if they were going to say something.

These two "punks", as I like to refer to them, just started laughing and spun their turns as they drove off! I could have spit nails at this point and if I would have a gun, they would have had four flat tires! I am still on the hunt for these boys and I am asking around to find out who they are. I plan on meeting their parents and then talking to the Chief. Will this do any good? Probably not, but I am just so irritated and they should not be allowed to get away with acting like "punks"! My other neighbors are angry because these kids drive up and down our road at 55-60 miles an hour. I live in a neighborhood--20 mile an hour TOPS! Kids ride their bicycles and adults walk the block-55-60 will eventually lead to a tragedy if they are allowed to keep going! I am so mad! But I know God doesnt want me to handle this one because I wont do it in a very Christian like manner. I have asked him for strength to give this up, but he is not giving me that! I wonder , is it Ok for me to ask GOD to handle them in a manner that will teach them?? I dont mean I want something bad to happen to them, but the front end of my truck embedded into the side of their pretty red car might do the trick--(without anyone hurt of course) Just a simple little something that would make them lose their wheels!
Yes , I am rambling but I am mad, I hope I can raise my girls to be better drivers and to respect other people! This is my goal, we are going to start teaching what the word "respect" means. My four year old is doing ok , but I plan to make it even better with God's help. That way, some old, grouchy, woman doesnt come looking for her one day!


Jesse said...

I know exactly what you mean about respect. I don't know what it is about this generation, I do know that it's scary that when we're old they are the ones running the show. As for comment about shooting our there tires I had to laugh because that is exactly something David would say and has said. I hope someone says something to those kids before they really hurt someone. Ugh! I hate kids and even adults can be like that. Hope you have a great day!

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for dropping by, I will enjoy looking around your blog. Hello from Venezuela.

Mayhem & Miracles said...


This one really got to me because our kids WERE almost killed by clones of these two guys in our own town! They were playing in our yard on the first day of school (for the boys, mine were all still preschoolers) when they got into a drag race down our street in a residential neighborhood. One cut the other off going 70 MPH! And hit the mailbox one house down from where my kids and husband and I were standing! My husband ran down to see if they were O.K. and upon finding they miraculously were, he chewed them out with un-Christlike language I had never heard from him before or since! He was reacting in the moment and forgot he even had a testimony. But, they DID come and apologize to us a few days later (and very sincerely, I'm convinced), thanked my husband and always drove right and waved to us after that. They respected him for his honesty. And that incident was NOT their first. It had been building with activity just like you're describing. We teach teenagers at our church. I have come to believe that most of them do want to be treated like someone who could handle the truth, so long as it's delivered with concern rather than contempt. They just won't act like it right away. That scares me for you and the kids on your street. I hope you can get it worked out.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

A huge pet peeve of mine is lack of respect (and bad manners). Do you have a local paper? Often times I see letters to the editor (ours is called a Two Cents column) where someone describes the kids and the car and details what they've been doing. Most likely the parents or friends of their parents will read that.