Thursday, April 5, 2007

Three things happening in my life.

A lot has happened in the past few days that I just have to get out before I forget. First of all, my “Little miss” should have been a boy. Not because I wanted a boy, but because she is rough and wild like a little boy. She has legs of a linebacker and she is tough. The other night I was rocking her and she was pulling my hair and laughing, then she would stick her fingers in my mouth in what seemed like an effort to pull my teeth out! When you try to take something away from her she has such a grip that it takes all my might to get it from her. I guess she is getting me back for the time she spent in ICU and all of the needle sticks she received, not to mention the calcium intake she was given made her strong. J

I taught my first Junior Achievement class yesterday. It was so much fun. I volunteered for this because the person who was signed up to teach this class emailed everyone that she had taken a new job in Arlington and was not going to be able to do it. So, since I want to be a teacher, it sounded fun to me and I responded. I have never even heard of Junior Achievement! Well, I have heard the term, but didn’t know what they did. They take volunteers and sign them up for the local schools for a 5-7 week (once a week) program. The volunteers are assigned to a specific classroom and they are given a full lesson plan with activities to teach in a 45 minute period. It helps teach kids about staying in School! This year the lessons are about cities, zoning, and different things that happen within these areas. I was assigned to a 3rd grade class at one of the school districts on the South Side of town. It is considered a magnet school; however, some of the children are less fortunate and may have many problems within their home. They love to see JA come through-it makes them feel loved. My husband and I were so nervous! I only had 10 kids due to testing, but we had a blast. The kids are so sweet. I asked the question ‘what would our city do without a city planner, what kinds of things do you think would happen”—one little boy spoke up and said “Ms., I think we need to have a talk with our planner. Whoever designed the location of our school did a horrible job.” I asked “they did, what do you mean” he said to me “well, our school is here, right?, Just down the street they put the place where dead people go and have their blood drained”! (A funeral home) Then went on to say “And the hospital,…. Well it has a liquor store right next door”! It was all I could do to keep from laughing! I almost choked. Kids can say the funniest things!

I spoke with the local police department about my little teenage problem. And guess what they said ……You got it—there is nothing they can do. He ran the plates and told me he is on a first name basis with this child’s mom because both of her boys stay in trouble. I quickly said a Prayer for this mother and this kid. He also told me that because of our legislature this kid could park outside of my house and say whatever he wants 24/7 and he could not do anything about it. This is the reason our kids are like they are today! They have absolutely no discipline and the government is making it where they get away with everything just shy of murder. He could get prison time if he harassed me by email, but not to my face. So of course my response was “you are telling me that someone is going to have to bury their child before he can get punished”. That is so sad! I told him he may end up with four flat tires and a few dents on his car, to which he responded “don’t tell me anything”!!!!


Jesse said...

Well my little Diva is a tomboy too; she's rough and tough, loves to get dirty but at the same time loves wearing dresses. As for trying to yank your teeth out that is my Chunky Monkey 100%. I'm talking this boy tries jamming his fingers in my mouth and man does that hurt, and the worst part is, is when I tell him no he laughs.
I'm glad your Jr. Achievement class went well. Oh and as for those punk kids-how aggravating. I feel your frustration and I would hate to hear that a child must suffer in order for those kids to learn thier lesson.
Anyway I'm glad to hear from you, I haven't seen you on MOG. Oh do you have Google Talk or AIM?