Friday, April 6, 2007

Another Contest

They are having another giveaway over at 5MFM..they are giving away the great new printer that can be hooked into a phone line for someone without a computer. ITs A way you can stay connected with those who dont have our great technology. Its called the PRESTO! It retails for about $150. PRetty cool. Get on over there and check it out.


Mayhem & Miracles said...


I just want to thank you for correcting me. I always prefer for someone to politely point out when I'm mistaken and allow me to correct it rather than let me stay wrong and not know. I will fix that in my post.

And I'm sorry to hear the police couldn't do anything. I sure hope
God will devise something to slow those boys down so you don't have to worry about the girls all the time. You should be able to enjoy your own yard freely. I love his response though! Ha ha. Seems between the lines, he meant, "hey, do what you gotta do. I may wear the badge, but I feel your pain enough to ignore it." Ha ha.