Saturday, April 7, 2007

Can you Only Imagine?

I dont know if that is a great title for this post. I have all of these things in my mind to get out, but they are in no particular order. They are somewhat scattered. Last night when I left the office, I stopped by Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart to get things to fill Easter baskets. This is something I have never done before! Last year when Ms. Priss was 3, she really didnt know you were supposed to get something, so I bought a movie and let her dye Easter Eggs. This year she hears all of the talk about "the Easter bunny", and what he is going to bring to her. This makes me sad, because every holiday seems to be about 'what gifts the children are going to get'! Now, dont get me wrong, I love to buy for my girls and I LOVE TO GET things myself! But as I was shopping through the ridiculous crowd last night and being bumped into, the thought of Easter being as bad as Christmas time just made my angry! This year I want to make Resurrection Cookies, I found this idea on Sweet Erna from Sweet Serenity's blogsite. I dont know her of course, she lives somewhere in Canada but she helped me with my set up of this blog and she has such a beautiful sweet spirit. Anyway, she does cute crafty things with her kids to teach them about Jesus!
All I could think about last night was "who in the world came up with buying presents for Easter". This is a holiday that is celebrated because Jesus died and Rose for our sins.! he was beaten until he bled, He was hung up by nails. Can you imagine what that felt like? Nails? Have you ever had one in your foot? That hurts! Can you imagine seeing your kids have that done to them? God had to watch this happen!!! Then he Rose much to everyone's surprise! Now how cool is that? But the Bible does not say "Now go and buy your kids something else they dont need"! Of course I followed tradition and got a few little junk items to throw in a basket! It just frustrated me to have to shop for those things neither of my girls needed! They dont eat candy, they have too many toys, and we have no money to buy junk! Yes, they would be fine without something, and maybe I wont do that from the "Easter bunny", but I do like for my kids to be able to talk about things that the other kids are raving about! I think I want to work on that part of my self from now on! My kids dont need to be like everyone else; but I do not want them to feel left! I want them to be Happy and be able to say "You shouldnt ask for presents on Easter, you should be happy you are here on this earth and you will have life for eternity on streets of gold with no wants, or needs, or Fears of any kind because Jesus died and Rose AGAIN"! Wow, how cool is that?

Thank you oh Gracious Heavenly Father, for your Son. the JESUS that endured so much pain and suffering, so much agony, just to save me and give me a life with Hope! In Jesus PRecious Name I pray. AMEN


Mayhem & Miracles said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I didn't do any of that for years,and the kids have never cared. They really will follow your lead. My problem has always been that family and friends can sometimes go overboard, even though we explain why we would rather them not. They mean well, but I agree with you, the only way to show what Easter is REALLY about is to make it ABOUT Him. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Jungle Mom said...

Happy Easter. here in Venezuela they do not do any of the traditional stuff. I remember one year being in the states and my kids were asked to hunt eggs with the family we were visiting. They had fun but they kept asking me what it had to do with Jesus.

Jesse said...

I totally get what you're saying, I bought some stuff for the kids, and a little to much candy (but hey I had a sweet tooth). The one thing I haven't done is tell them about the Easter Bunny. That may sound weird but I don't really see the point in it. Now I do tell them about Santa and he gives them gifts but not the bunny. I mean should every character get credit when it's really the parent or most importantly about Jesus. I don't know if I'm making any sense but even at Christmas we stress that we're celebrating Jesus's birthday and Santa is like a plus to it. Sorry for the rambling just trying to get my thoughts out right and not sure if I did. Anyway talk to you tomorrow!!