Monday, April 30, 2007

Hopefully Back!

I have been taking a break from this blogland. My life has just all of the sudden turned into total chaos! It seems as though every time I sit down at a computer -something else comes up and it takes me away! Our lesson in Sunday School yesterday was about David being in the cave. Essentially talking about how God is with us even when we are locked up in the cave, or in a storm, so to speak! It was good for me, because I have been in a cave lately! There is nothing major going on, just Graduation, trying to find a teaching job, homework, kids...etc..etc.! But I still feel hollow! I have just wanted to be a recluse in my house! I need to clean, I need to work in the yard, I need to get caught up on homework assignments, I have a chemistry class about to start, I am walking across the stage this saturday -and would you believe I just sent the invitations out this weekend? I have found myself forgetting to Pray, I have found myself not making time to read my Bible or any type of Bible study! This is so typical-get started into something and I get so overwhelmed I cant finish it! I do listen to the radio in the morning to hear "Adrian Rogers" sermons -he is so awesome! This blog life seemed to uplift my spirits so much when I had time to read everyones journals--and I loved having people come and comment---it makes a difference to know someone else is taking the time to find out about your life! When I sit down to Pray, I dont even know what to Pray! Their are babies of course that need Prayers, like Ethan, Ashley, and Kanyon! Their stories are amazing and inspiring--you can see God working miracles everyday! But I find myself focusing on them and not on myself! My family needs Prayers, maybe not to that level, but I need them! So why cant I see Blessings? Because I am "Martha"--"anxious about everything"! The Bible says "Be still and Know that I AM GOD"--so when I find time to Be still, I will take that deep breath and find Him! Anyway, it is good to be missed and I will be checking on my friends sometime today I hope, and throughout this week!


Jesse said...

Goodness girl you have been busy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The party was a hit and we had so much fun. The next time we head out there I want to go to the Rainforest Cafe, mmm and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

kissesfromheaven said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. You have a lot of "stuff" going on. Sometimes it's just for a season, for a time. I would encourage you to be as Mary, and sit as Jesus feet. It's amazing when we sit and be quiet with Jesus, that all the "stuff" comes together. Be at peace dear one. And congrats on your graduation.