Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"The Loss of a Prince"

I have a link on my sidebar to Baby Ethan. I have followed his story along with "Princess Ashley". These two babies have One thing in common: They have spent most of their little lives inside hospital rooms. Through the past year, both of these babies (while having two totally different problems) have almost followed the same paths. When one was doing well the other would perk up. And when one was down, well, the other would have some kind of problem. Two very different hospitals, and they have never met. Ashley seems to be doing well, even with a few setbacks. Baby Ethan was diagnosed with Leukemia at 2 months old. Over the past year God performed a few miracles in Ethan's life allowing him to make it to his first birthday. Apparently over the past few months, things changed and I suppose God was ready for him to become his Angel in Heaven. He lost his battle with Leukemia and went to be with our Lord this past weekend. Although, this news is so terribly sad, He can now be "at HOME"! He will suffer no more pain. I am sick for his parents. I just do not believe I could ever be as strong as they 'seem' to be. If you have followed either of these babies, the one thing that has been consistent with the two of them, is their families' faith and strength in God, our Father. I am so inspired and amazed at their abilities to hold things together and find the Peace they need to carry on. I do not believe any of our children should suffer for any reason. I know HE has plans for each and every one of us, but it doesnt make it any easier for me to understand why they suffer here on earth. I so Pray for Ethan's family as they make their way back home and say goodbye to that little guy. I cannot imagine what pain they must be enduring at this point. Please, if you read this, check out both of these sites and just say Prayers on their behalf. I know there are so many others, and I would not want to leave any of them out, these are just two babies that I have felt very close too.


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