Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well, I managed to make it through the interview. Sorry it has taken a while to post when I asked for some advice.. but i have been swamped with tests this week.

The day of the interview, I was so nervous. I was sick at my stomach. So I posted in my journal and asked for some advice. I got advice from a couple of people who I admire very much. One of whom, I have never met. (Thanks Nikki) Anyway, a friend of mine said something that made alot of sense to me. Why read the devotional and think of it like you are asking for something you should be asking for; but, read it and think "hmmm God you are trying to tell me YOU are with me and YOU are in control.". She said "GOD wants you to know HE is there and if you look to him for guidance, then this interview will be a breeze". So that is just what I did. I got down on my knees after I went home to get ready and I prayed for God to give me the correct words. Well, after that I had such a Peace about the whole thing. Now-I am not saying I wasnt nervous: after all, I was interviewing in front of 5 people who were shooting questions at me one after another. I answered the best I could with as much honesty as I could allow without them knowing I was totally scared. But at least they thought I had all of the confidence in the world.

The funny think is, they had 3 interviews scheduled for that day (me, included) and the first 2 cancelled. I said "should I be worried?" The principal says, well, that doesnt happen"! So, is this a God intervention or what? But, they said they were required to interview 3 people, so they were going to dig up two more and let me know this week. My thoughts are "I dont see them hiring a first year, no experience, teacher for a Math position at a school were there scores are low in the math section of the test." Not that I am being negative. If I were a principal, I would be a little fearful of that. But I am just excited God got me through that experience and I am ready for whatever else anyone throws at me! Thanks for all of your Prayers. Keep them up--I need a positive result! If I dont get this, I want another chance! have a great week and I will post a quick note when I hear -I promise!


Anonymous said...

Any news yet?

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Great! I'm really proud of you. Either you'll get this job - or have learned very valuable lessons from the experience. I'm excited for you to get just the right position either way! :)