Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What is HIS will for me?

YES--Can you believe I am posting? I had a sudden thought that I am struggling with today and I am getting it down... Then I will be on a blog break until August 6th (After I finish classes and take my certification tests).

I go for an interview today at a local school and I am excited, nervous, scared, and sick at my stomack!!!! This is only my first interview... I havent applied for anymore because I am not completely hirable yet. They got my name from another school district, I didnt even apply there. I dont know my teaching philosophy, or my discipline techniques. I have never been in a classroom before! What I want to happen and what really will may be totally different. Each situation is very different.

This morning when I got to work I read my devotional email from Pastor Greg Laurie. WEll here is what it said:
If you are seeking fulfillment or purpose or meaning from this world, I have some bad news: you will never find it. There is nothing in the world that will fill the deepest void in your life—not the ultimate car, not the greatest job, not the most beautiful girl or the most handsome guy, not the greatest education. There is nothing that can even come close. Think about it: Everything else in life is secondary to knowing and loving God—your career, your family, and even your ministry. Those things are all important. But the first and foremost purpose you have in life is to know the God who made you.

Would you believe? Now, in no way do I think a teaching position will fullfill my life. But in some way I think I will be happier. I am smart enough to know that GOD is the only way to TRUE happiness. So my question today is "What is this devotional trying to tell me?" Am I Letting GOd direct me to this teaching career or am I searching for something outside of HIS will?


Mayhem And Miracles said...

I remember early on in my salvation being tempted to over-analyze every little thing because I was so afraid of messing up or not getting right the will of God. But the past few years I have realized how afraid that made me to try and how really, I wasn't trusting that his grace was big enough for my failures. Lately what He has shown me is that if it is not His will, He simply won't open the door for me. But I'm still allowed to knock and see what answer I get. I think the only way to know if this is the job is to go there in prayer and just let Him lead the interview. I think you've already answered the question whether He wants you to be teacher. You said it was to have more time to be the Mom you are called to be. You already know that's Biblical! So whether or not it's THIS particular job is really just in His hands. As for how to answer about your philosophies, ask Him the words to give you. And if that means just owning up to "here are my IDEAS, but I know I want to remain flexible to adapt once I have more actual experience of how it's really going to go..." I think that kind of honesty would be admirable. Now that I've just posted all this like I'm some sort of wise sage (hear the wild snorting laughter), I don't think I really came across right in my last post. My idea in that situation was born sheerly out of anger and desperation! I was just pleased it happened to work out!!! :) Good Luck at the interview!!!

Robin said...

Hi- I connected to your blog from Mayhem and Miracles. She's an awesome lady and has given you excellent advice. I just thought I would add an experience from my life. It might help.

We were really struggling financially and had 4 children to support. Life was just really hard. I decided to work outside the home and I found a really great job that I loved. (Notice how many I's there are in that last sentence!) However, my family wasn't loving it and I clearly felt God expressing His disappointment in me that I hadn't trusted Him. In fact, I never even asked Him for His insight. Long story short, I embarked on a faith adventure and asked my family what they wanted. It was unanimous - they wanted me home. So with no visible means of being able to survive on my husband's meager preachers salary, I did the unthinkable and I quit. There are too many miracles to share with you here on how it worked but it was incredible and we were so happy and God was pleased. Two years later, the very same job was offered to me again out of the blue. This time I sought God's wisdom and guess what? He gave me a high five! I took the job and it worked so much better for all of us. Sometimes, I think it's not so much what we do, but whether we seek God's blessing before we do it. It was a great life lesson for me. You sound like you are on the right track in your questioning.
I will be praying that your decision is one that will be God blessed.

Jesse said...

I think you should pray about it and God will answer your prayer. Sometimes it may not be what we want but that's only because God's vision for us is so much bigger than we could ever imagine.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

So, how did it go, Krista? I'd love to hear an update. I know that that interview was ordained for something. Either to get the job, or to learn a valuable lesson through something that happened. Still praying....:)

Jungle Mom said...

Waiting to hear the results! Praying for your decision.