Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chiropractor --Part II

We were very skeptical at this point. But we listened to the things he had to say about antibiotics and surgical procedures and it all made sense. "Let the body heal naturally, the way God intended for it too"! That was the statement he said over and over. Wow! What a concept! We went the first two weeks 3 times a week; then decreased it to two and then 1. We also went during her "FLU TYPE A & B" period, of which she felt a little better afterward. It has been a little over a month and her ears are very clear, NO coughing, and we have not used any inhalers or medicine for any respiratory episodes. She is free and clear. We took her back to the ENT so he could double check her. He did some sort of graph drawing of her ear, and a hearing test... Said she looks great and no surgery is needed at this point. My husband said he looked a bit shocked! I do not know if it was adjustments or time; but, whatever it was, it WORKED!!!! Thank you Jesus!


Jesse said...

Hey there stranger! I've really missed reading your blog and I hope you're back. As for me I haven't been blogging to much and probably not today since I really need to do some school work. I'm glad to hear that your little one is doing much better. Have a great week.