Thursday, March 27, 2008

A CHIROPRACTOR? You have got to be Kidding...(Part 1)

Ok, so I thought about things today and I suppose I can give this blog another try. I am just SO… not good with words, and never have too much to write about.

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS? Who would have thought?! My 2 yr old has been suffering with allergy asthma, chronic ear infections (w/ruptured drums a time or two), and acid reflux. We went for several months with little to no sleep, because she was either coughing profusely or waking up crying from pain or stuffy nose. She was taking singulair, 2 different inhalers, zyrtec and whatever else we could poke down her to help her to sleep and feel better. Something had to give. We finally got a referral to the ENT (ear, nose, & throat) doctor. He is a wonderful man. He has treated me and my mom and we just love him. On the date of her visit, I was told to give her “yet another” round of antibiotics and they would schedule her for tubes and adenoid removal. Both ears were full, and fluid was filling her little eyes from her adenoids. WHAT? I cannot go through anymore hospitals with this child. Even though, I know this is such a minor surgery, I just could not see her in another hospital. I would relive her infant stages. So, I left that office determined to find an alternative to a surgery that was: ONE: Expensive, TWO: a temporary fix, and THREE: in a HOSPITAL! I had heard rumors about chiropractic adjustments for all of the symptoms she has had; but, honestly, thought those people have lost their minds! NOWAY WAS ANYONE MESSING WITH MY BABY’S SPINE! But, I researched this on the web, through medical doctors, and through friends; decided, well it couldn’t hurt. We might be out $40 here and there with no surgery, so what the heck? We made our appt……..