Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finding Things to Do

For the first time in 5 years I have a weekend FREE of school STRESS! I don't even know what to do with myself. My house is a "COMPLETE DISASTER"; because of course I haven't had time to clean in almost a year. (one time by a Maid). Now I do not even know where to start. It is amazing how I have been so distracted and all of the sudden I am "Lost". My mom told me the other day while she was babysitting my four year old Priss that she was showing her how to pick up one set of toys before pulling out anymore, she said to her "this will help mommy keep the house clean", so Miss priss pops up with hands on her hips and says "Gran, my mommy DOES NOT clean". I could have died. She is exactly right, I have to give her credit. Aside from the occasional laundry and dishes in the dishwasher, we have had utter chaos. It is no wonder my kids are wild at home. So this morning, I got up started some laundry and guess what, I decided to PLAY with my girls. We played a few hours and then my MIL called and wanted them to come over and see her a few hours. Miss Priss says "mommy, while we are gone, "you can clean". Thanks for that little sass! But you know what, I a decided to watch Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, and Ingrid do some cooking, I printed off some recipes... and now I am going to visit my friends on the computer that I have missed so much. I can clean wednesday on my day off! I think that is fair. My husband is calling a game today and I have the house to myself. My plan is to find a good Bible study, spend time with my girls, and I have even decided to cook some "real" home cooked meals. (If I have time after work of course). I even told my husband I am ready to go to Culinary School. I have my eye on some new things for my kitchen and I am ready to get cooking.
I will be working part time for my current employer, and substitute teaching for 2 days a week. After the holidays, If I dont get that job full time, I will move it up to 3 days a week. I am so excited and ready to have my OWN classroom. But most of all, Glad to be finished with homework. "Now I can call myself "PROFESSIONAL"! (LOL) :)