Monday, August 27, 2007

Tears and FUN!

I have a few minutes this morning to post in my journal and read some other blogs. I thought I would post on my busy weekend. Hubby made it home safely and Miss Priss was so very excited. He called to tell her he was on his way and told her he had a surprise for her. She talked about that surprise all night long. She was asleep when he arrived so, of course, we did not wake up the "Princess". She woke up early Saturday morning and the very first thing she said was "Daddy, I am ready for my surprise"! He then had to explain to a sobbing little four year old, how he had left the sack of prizes on the shuttle at the airport by accident. Huge tears streamed down her little face. Daddy cannot handle those tears so he promised her a day at Chuck E Cheese and a new toy from Toys R Us! I guess when she is 16, we will have a new car in the driveway for those big tears :)! He is such a pushover! Although, I must admit, I was sad for her as well! WE spent the morning playing games and having pizza, then shopping at Toys R Us for, well, 1 1/2 hours! Too many Toys to choose from! We came home with 2, pocket size, stuffed dogs each for around $8- She was very excited to get them and that is all that mattered to her! Daddy also left a shirt that he had bought for me, a very unique Green Bay Packers T-shirt, because I love Brett Favre so much! But, my tears didnt work. I settled for a few hours of shopping time alone for the girls some new fall clothes!
AND- my four year old has managed to convince everyone she talks to that I have taught her to talk to the "Devil". When we went to Church yesterday, she told some people how bad the devil is and you should always yell at him to leave you alone, or he will get inside of your head! "Pretty smart"! That was my weekend, now to the start of a busy week filling out applications for teaching positions!


Mayhem And Miracles said...

Ohhhh! How sad to read about all her worry while Daddy was away! I'm so glad she got to realize that God heard her pray when she asked for him to come back safely. It breaks my heart that our trusting innocent little babies have to learn bit by bit that the world is so hard. :(