Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Four Year Old's Little Mind is Going in Circles

I had an eventful evening last night. I signed miss Priss up for gymnastics at a new place and she is so excited, then we went to eat with my sister and her little girl (Her idol of course), On the way Home, miss priss started getting teary eyed and telling me she missed her daddy (he was out of town for work). We arrived home got our baths and ready for bed and she started sobbing. I let her call daddy and he calmed her down a little. Then after they hung up, she started to cry harder. I heard her mumbling and I asked her what she was saying. She said "I am praying to God and asking him to PLEASE bring my daddy home safe." I explained to her that it was a good thing she was praying, and God will take care of it. She said "mommy, you don't understand, my daddy can't come home, he is going to die in a car wreck in traffic in the morning". OF course, I just about lost it. I asked her what she meant and she explained to me that she had a dream a long time ago, and then said "I will never get to say goodnight to my daddy again". First I held back the tears and said a PRayer asking for God to give us Peace and keep our daddy safe. Then I explained to her that We must believe that God will keep him safe and bring him home. I also told her we belong to God, and whatever happens he will take care of us. I told her that if anything ever happened to me or daddy, God would make sure we are all taken care of. I told her to try to think happy thoughts, and then I explained to her how the devil likes it when we are sad. I also told her to tell that nasty devil to go away and leave her alone. She did that and after a few minutes calmed down and went to sleep. I prayed over her beautiful little face and asked God to give her peace and a life with no worries. I know she senses my anxiety, but I just cannot believe a four year old could worry so much. I am so worried about her and I hope she will not live with the same fears that I do. I pray for God to take her thoughts and give her peace. My heart hurts for her and I cannot wait until her daddy returns home to us.