Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Growing UP Makes me Sad!

Today I am making time to post something; however, it will not be fun, inspiring, or anything else to change lives. I have not posted in a week because I just dont have anything to talk about. I want to do the Tackle it Tuesday-but for some reason when I went to post yesterday, I copied and pasted the banner code, then I went to type and the banner kept erasing! I am just not "blog literate" yet! I am working on it! I am ready for my new design! I have a friend at Church that is capable but he is way too busy, then the decision is: Do I really want to "pay" $45 for my blog site? I dont know, maybe I will go take a class and become a blog designer and a work from home mom! Sounds great to me! I am going to figure out how to get that Tackle it tuesday banner in my journals, but I probably will not have pictures to go with everything I do!

I do have one neat thing that has happened this week.... we bought Miss Priss a mattress set (bedroom set on order) and we bought princess sheets with a hot pink comforter she picked out that is featured in Seventeen Magazine from JCPenneys, the first night she pouted a little when it was time for bed but she went with her daddy and was asleep in 15 minutes, she stayed there ALL night!!! Even through the screaming of little sister wanting to get up and play! I was so proud of her. She woke up at 730 am and ran in the kitchen saying "I am so proud of myself"! I went out and bought her a big girl nightgown and a Princess Pig (she picked it out)! The second night, well, she made it until midnight, not so good! but hey she went to bed at 830 and I did have time to read and watch a show with my hubby! Last night was our third try and my neice came to spend the night with us! She is 9! So, at 1000 I said bedtime and they piled up in that twin bed together. Miss Priss leaned over and whispered in my ear "mommy you can leave and go lay with daddy, I have S---- to lay with tonight, I wont be scared"! I was heartbroken of course, being replaced by a 9 year old, but I was so very proud! At 330 this morning I heard them whispering through the monitor and so I went to check on them and she was telling her cousin "I think I need my mommy" so I tried to get her to lay back down--wasnt happening, I needed to sleep so I brought her to bed with me! At least she made it that far through the night! We are making progress and it makes me sad to know she is growing up. I have to get dressed to take these two girls to eat and then off to homework! I hope to make time to post each day once we get more of a bedtime routine! I love this blogging and I am ready to visit more of those on the list.


Anonymous said...

Krista, I thought I'd suggest hitting the enter key a few times before pasting the Tackle It Tuesday banner. Then, click on the line below before typing. I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't, you can also go into the HTML section and enter a few lines after the end of the tag. This sometimes helps me when I have issues with a picture being deleted.

I can so relate to your little girl growing up and how it feels to have that detachment. She'll be sleeping on her own before you know it. :0) Do what you have to do, you know your daughter and your needs best. :0)