Monday, March 26, 2007

Made it Home

PRAISE GOD! We made it home safe after a long day. After the seminar today at noon I went to the Convention center to meet up with my dad and new step mom--I was put to work of course selling art work to people! Then my sister drove over with my four year old and my niece so we could go shopping on the Boardwalk! That was interesting! WE spent 30 minutes in Build a Bear! 45 Minutes in Childrens Place! All of the spiritual renewal was washing away fast as I watched my patience level go down the drain. Ady was tired and grouchy , then to top all of it off--all of the food places were packed except for I hesitate to say this because I cant actually believed we were there......IT WAS HOOTERS!!! Of all places --but we were starving and couldnt wait 45 minutes to eat---"and you know, they have good wings"! "YEAH RIGHT!" It was semi pleasant though--the food was good and Ady hit her neck on the table --being a drama queen she started to cry extremely loud-then all of these prissy teenage girls half dressed pranced over with a bag of ice to hug and take care of her! That was pleasing--I wanted to say "please put pants on, your rear is hanging out"! But that is part of the look I suppose! They are not my children and they were very sweet! Thank goodness my child didnt notice the attire--I mean if you think about it--those outfits are quite popular in 2007! What has our world come to?

Well this post was not to bash the hooters clothing line--but to Praise God and thank Him for our safe trip home and for the great weekend he gave me! I am continuing to Pray for strength and Faith that he will lead me into Peace and out of Fear!