Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prayers Needed

For those few of you who read this post I am requesting heavy Prayers for a new set of twins born this past weekend. they were born very early and both weigh a little over 1 pound! Please visit the blog that was set up for their updates and let them know you are Praying. Their mommy is a teacher in the school district I live in. PLEASE PRAY.

Last night God sent me a very obvious message. It was so scarey I got chills! Here is how it happened:
Yesterday morning, I was running late, as usual! Not extremely late, but I knew I still had to stop and get something to eat for Miss Priss, so I was getting close. It started out that of course I dont sleep at night, so we were late getting up, then she stalled at getting dressed-normal occurrence in our household. I have a household full of "lollygaggers"!
I finally got her dressed in the only pair of size 4 shorts we have in the house, fixed her hair and off we went. We got into the car and I got her buckled into her seat then I heard it---the loud shreaking scream followed by "hurry, mommy its cold"! I turned around and noticed the lid on her cup was not on tight enough and --well--she was wearing sunny d! At that moment I lost it, she cried and I grabbed her up, as I was getting on to her, to change her clothes.. which we had none to put on because she is very petite and has just decided to outgrow her 24 months size from last summer.....Yep, 24 months at 3 years old! Unbelieveable--she outgrew them and went straight to a 3T and 4T--waist is way too big--but she is too tall for anything any smaller! So that set me off--I had to put her in a pair of shorts that were a little short--"bringing n the hooters attire"! Now none of this was her fault of course--but I am very impatient and no one else was there, so I am a horrible mother and let her have it!
We both began our day crying-she got over it pretty fast, but i felt guilty all day!

Last night when it was time for her to go to bed-she asked her daddy to read a book--she chose her book of daily devotions for children and he told her he would read a couple of days and then it was time for bed. I happened to walk through the room at the very moment he started to read and this is what it said:
"God help me be patient when I am mad. I know when I am patient it makes you glad" The devotion told a story of how easy it is to get upset , but God is patient with us when we do things wrong, so we should be patient with our family (siblings, friends, etc.)

Ok--boy was that an obvious reprimand from my "FATHER:"! It cut deep into my heart! I told her I loved her and said our goodnight Prayers -! I am Praying that God will give me patience and get rid of my anxiety. I have been without medicine for a year and I want to do this with God's help -not a pill! I think that devotion was enough to help me try and think before I speak next time!