Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Party is coming to an end!

I am only here for a minute to say that this party has not been long enough! With sick children and Leadership class going on-i have not had much time to spend -I only visited about 60 sites and my goal was to visit at least 200 hundred. Would I remember them all? Of course not! I have been saving some along the way... But just the opportunity to say hello and read about other women experiencing some of the same things I am, or who have experienced in their life, is great therapy for me. God has blessed me with a few friends since I have started this process. I plan to try and visit some more of the sites as long as the list is up. I hope everyone had fun ! Have a great evening! I will be posting on my Bible studies this weekend and would love to have input from you!


eph2810 said...

Like I said earlier, I haven't even had time this week to revisit all my commenters *sigh* - just a really busy week.

I hope that your children are doing much better...

Blessings on your Friday and always.

Brandie said...

I'm just stopping by to say hi! I've managed to do some visiting to blogs through this party, but not nearly enough!
Anyway, hope the children get healthy soon!

DK said...

Just stopped by via the Blog Party; yes, the list is still up! :) I'm thrilled because I wasn't able to visit many blogs this week either. Anyway, it's good to meet you and I hope your little one is feeling better! Drop by my blog anytime; I love company.