Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All New......

Ok. So I have decided to post a little again. Now that I have a myspace account and I am learning all the tricks of creativity on the computer.... Anyway, this is a little loud and I will probably be changing it often, but it makes me feel good to see such a YUMMY background. "Like my butt isnt big enough already"! I dont post much because.. well .. I am not the journalist... I just type and ramble on. I have lost some of my visiting friends, for some reason, I hope I didnt say anything that offended anyone. I guess things like that just hits me "personally"! It really shouldnt, they dont know me, and I dont know them. But that is really ok, because this site is about ME, it is MINE and I made it for that reason. So I will ramble and if they want to read they can, and if not, then that is ok too! I do not have the time in my life to visit everyone either and life goes on. Enjoy your ice cream and have a great day.