Monday, December 10, 2007

HUSH Mommy!

I know we all have those moments where we are shopping with our children and they say something, or do something that everyone can hear. Luckily, in my case it wasn't passing gas, or pitching fits. Little Miss and I dropped Miss Priss off at her cousins on Saturday, so we could go finish up some last minute Christmas shopping. She is only 22 months, so buying her gifts while she was there, well, not a big deal because she forgets they are in the buggy after a minute or so. We stop at one Wal-mart, only to discover they only have one item on our list in stock (a specific toy, of course)! This, I was not very happy about. So after a few more stops along the way, we stopped at the Wal-mart closed to our house. We walked in and went straight for the bikes! I mentioned to the young man working in that department that I had seen a bicycle with the word "Princess" on it last week; and politely asked if they were out of stock. He said to me "Maam, I am the only one in this department and we have NEVER had a bike like that before". So I politely said, Yeah, I saw it on Wednesday, it looks similar to "this one" so maybe you just don't remember. Then I asked... "do you mind looking in the back and seeing if you have maybe one more". He then commences to tell me "maam, I am not telling you you're wrong, but we have not had any other bikes in here, I would know"! Instead of just going to look, he stood there and argued with me! I wish Wal-mart could pay more money to get better help! Anyway, as we were walking to the grocery aisle, I was just a complaining, out loud, no less. I am sure I was looking much like an idiot at this point, talking to a baby who clearly did not understand anything I was saying... so she reaches up and puts both hands on my face and says in quite a loud tone "MOMMY, MOMMY, HUSH PEASE!" This little lady was beside us and started to cackle, saying to me "my my, how quick we learn"! I was not about to get on to her.. I almost wet my pants from laughing so hard.. and yet I did deserve that! After that, everytime I tried to speak, she would shake her head "no,no and say hush"! She even started to point her finger. I know she was being a tad sassy, but she is just too cute to punish! Besides, I needed that little shove to close my mouth, because I was getting madder by the second, at this KID who had ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS! I am sure that lady had a great conversation piece about how children are just out of hand today, and how If that were her kid she would have taken care of that sassy mouth quickly! Oh well, so my child will grow up telling people to "HUSH"--it could have been much WORSE!!