Sunday, December 16, 2007

Heart of Mercy

Every little girl has a childhood crush on that “famous” pop star, movie star, or singer. Well, when I was a little girl my crush was quite strange. Of all the good looking men on this planet, for some reason I chose “John Denver”. When I say Crush, I use that term LIGHTLY, because it was total INFATUATION! I told everyone several stories about him. One being he was my brother, and the other was we were going to get married when I grew up and live in a huge house in the sky! HMMMM could that be in HEAVEN? There has to be some truth to that particular story!!! I went to all of his concerts; I owned every kind of shirt, poster, calendar, and pencil, whatever he had with his picture on it. EVEN 8-Track—and yes RECORD albums!!! Does this show my age or what? I knew every song by heart and could belt out a sound to his “Leaving on a jet plane” that you have never heard. “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” was my all time favorite and I knew EVERY SINGLE WORD! My sister had her own telephone line in her room at my grandparent’s house and she would call our phone and pretend to be him. I think I always “really” knew, but hoped there was that ONE chance it could be him! I do not know how all of this got started, but it was a FACT!

I haven’t thought about him much since his plane crash. And you don’t really hear his music anymore. But One day I was directed to a site of a rather, beautiful person, Ages And Stages. When her site came up, I heard this familiar voice singing. An instant feeling of Peace came over me! I had a sudden glimpse from the past. It was John Denver!!! His beautiful voice just brought me to tears.
The other night I found his music for my site and as the music from “Thank God…” came on, both of my girls came running into my office. They started dancing, and singing. Before I knew it, we were all three dancing like crazy people! We were laughing and having so much FUN! Miss Priss started asking me questions about him and when I told her that he was now living with Jesus, she burst into tears. It was horrible! She cried for a solid 30 minutes. I felt awful! I just told her someday, we would ALL sing beautiful music with him in Heaven! What a great life to look forward to !! I guess she was gifted with that "heart of Mercy"!


Ms. W said...

Our pastor mentioned John Denver in his sermon yesterday. Interesting that you posted about him.

Jungle Mom said...

Merry Christmas!