Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby Talk

I have changed my schedule at work to save quite a bit of daycare expense and now I get to spend a little time in the afternoon with my two favorite girls. Yesterday, I noticed my little one's vocabulary has really grown over the last few weeks. It is amazing how those things just show up one day. I dont remember too many of my oldest ones little words so i wanted to get these down so I wont forget. I am terrible about stopping to write down the things they say and it is odd how quick they leave your mind.

Here are few of the things I want to remember:

"bibics"- Fish Sticks
"bups" - chip
"ban" - bed
"mammy"-Ms. Tammy
"Bim" - Jim
"dootie" - cookie
"donus" - donuts
"Keem" - shaving cream
"im im" - Ice Cream
"wabus" - I love you
And of course everything she says has "hrs" in front of it!!

And then, we have my grown up four year old. This little girl thinks she is a teenager. As we were getting ready for our Bible Small Group Sunday night, she tells my husband this:
"Daddy, dont tell mom, but I want to wear "this" outfit because the boys will think I look HOT"! HELLO... that will be the end of Hannah Montana! Thank goodness Little missy is now old enough to request a movie and she asks for Barney 400 times a day! Miss Priss wants to keep her from screaming so she allows Barney to be played over and over! Now maybe we can reshape her little mind! Of course Jeff had to explain to her that we dont talk like that and since she didnt realize what "hot" really means, her little eyes filled with tears. We had to tell her that boys are yucky and we dont care what they think. AND SO IT BEGANS!!!!