Friday, December 7, 2007

My Child's Bathroom Habits

I realize that bathroom habits tend to be (or SHOULD be) Private. And Miss Priss is definitely PRIVATE when it comes to using the bathroom. BUt I have to get this down because it is just so comical and I do not want to forget about this. The other night I was giving the girls their bath when Miss Priss decides she has to GO! She always yells to me "Mommy I have to go poop", even though she is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT in the bathroom! I do not know why she feels the need to tell me, but, she does, so I suppose that is ok. So I get her out of the tub, all the while, she is telling me " just dry my legs off, because I am getting back into the bath when I am done, Ok mommy?, ok mommy? OK MOMMY?" "Yes maam, but the water is cold now and getting colder, why do you want back in?" Anyway, I dry her off and help her up, she then commences to say "mommy please leave now and take HER with you, I need to be by myself". Well, little miss is not finished with her bath, but she was mad at me for washing her hair and screaming anyway, so I said what the heck. I got her out kicking and screaming. Miss Priss was steadily yelling at me to "Get out mommy". Ok, who is in control here? Obviously, not me! I was holding back the laughter, then the phone rings. So I am trying to rush out of the bathroom, with this screaming baby and trying to answer the phone..... I get her down to put on her diaper and I hear "mommy, I need a drink of water please"!!! WHAT???? She is screaming this over and over! Thank goodness the call was my mom, who was hysterically laughing because things were just way out of control. I got the diaper on, and went back to the bathroom to find her still on the toilet. She started explaining to me that she needed a drink of water to help her poop some more????? UMMMM, where did she learn this trick? Definitely not from me... However, I filled her little cup and handed to her. She hollars once again... get out mommy!! I go back to the screaming child who is still extremely mad at this point, get her settled down and here comes Miss Priss.... "im done, the water did the trick.. now can you help me back into the bath?"

I truly love this child and do not know where she comes up with some of these things! Normally I would have gone crazy and been totally frustrated, but this time it was just too comical.


Mayhem And Miracles said...

Wow - we had utter chaos here today too, but after my youngest knocked over not one, but two gigantic product displays at the store tonight - movie style - I was just too tired to even blog about it. We spent nearly an hour standing around while he cleaned it all up and I argued with the store clerk to let him. I know it annyoyed him, but I want him learning his lesson the first time! Anyway, cute story. On Ashley's picture, I never did get the code, but figured out if you right click on it, then save it as a picture, you can insert it as a picture on the Blogger layout page. I hope that makes sense.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Oh, and I LOVE your new blog. Looks SO PROFESSIONAL. I think it's the prettiest I've ever seen! Did you do this yourself? If so, I think you've found the perfect stay-at-home profession, girl!

Ms. W said...

Hi Krista! Thanks for stopping by! I have two girls too - 6 and 4 - so I can relate to you, in many, many ways!


Jesse said...

It's good to see that you're blogging again I've missed you. As for your story that sounds like Sweet Pea except for the water bit-very funny.

MGM said...

Hi--I know I'm a little late posting, but I just caught the link to your blog via Peas and Monkeys and browsed a few of your posts. This one stuck with me because most days I would be THRILLED if my 4.5 yr old daughter would PLEASE be independent in the bathroom. I could go on and on, but it would get grosser as I go, so I guess I won't. I'll sum it up by saying that everyday with her is a struggle over the bathroom issue, and I get tired of her begging for me to do her "dirty work" despite my refusal and insistence she that she do it herself. If only she would shoo me out of the bathroom instead of begging me incessantly to join her! I'm so jealous!