Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Finding the time

Ok, so i have this site set-up, still playing with all of the add-ons and getting it published; but, NOW i have to make sure I FIND the time to post. I have pulled it up so many times this week and thought to myself-"Ok what do I type today" -then decided I would come back to it later. Well today is later I suppose, I was reading different blogsites today and came across one that on the first post they were worried and didnt want to type for fear they would be boring, or would just use this to complain... then she decided it was much better to complain on her blog rather than to her husband and if she was boring as long as no one told her -it would be Ok--WHAT A NOVEL CONCEPT. I love it, and my husband would adore me if I complained to someone other than him. I have experienced those same fears, but mine are more, these people don't know me, and the ones that do, don't want to read about my life-they know it. Probably too well---I am not one to keep things inside very well.....My life has been an open book! As I want to complain today, I have to think to myself, "is this really wise?" "Do I really have anything to complain about?" I have 2 healthy beautiful children, a great husband (who by the way, is so patient and worry free -it drives me insane), a job, a home, and endless opportunities. Man, what a life, as I see on other blogs there are moms who are taking care of sick or disabled little ones. It is nothing to them and I see how they just Praise God for Blessing them with such wonderful Children. How awesome it is to see Moms and Dads who Praise God for little things like the ability to eat, or to be able to kiss little fingers and toes. They have patience (which is something I lack) and they just LOVE LIFE> How I long to be that Mommy! I love my girls with everything in me, but I get so impatient and I desperatley need a consistent schedule. My worries are so small compared to what I have been reading, but they are still so much MY Worries, and if I don't get a handle on them I will surely be inpatient at some facility. I so want to see God step into my life with my SMALL problems as I see him step into the lives with the big PROBLEMS. IS this making sense at all? Or Am I just rambling oN? So this is where I am today, and I Pray for those wonderful mommies and their little Blessings, and I Pray also for my little worries to go away and for clear vision to Know just exactly what I do have.


Kelly said...

I found your blog through a comment at In the Midst of It... I too just started blogging and am SO clueless! I'm impressed to see that you even have a link and a verse- wow! I really need to get some help so I can add the fun stuff to my blog.