Friday, January 19, 2007

Totally Insane

Ok, someone please tell me who invented the book that said you should let babies cry themselves to sleep??? I am exhausted today. First let me start by saying: when Adyson was born my whole family and everyone else gave me advice of many kinds that would make her sleep in her own room. Well, contrary to their advice I wanted her with me so I would have an eye on her at all times. Now she is 4 and guess what, yep still with me!!!! Not so bad, except the 11 month old wants to be with me too. NOT GOOD ON YOUR MARRIAGE -My little one is just totally opposed to sleep! She loves to keep me up at night so I can hold and rock! As much as I love holding my baby, I have to have sleep or I cannot function in this world. My husband is a basketball official and this keeps him out late a few days during the week. So our routine this week has been eat supper, take a bath, play, and cry until daddy gets home around 11 or 12. So i received some advice, yet again, "YOU NEED TO LET THOSE BABIES CRY". Ok so my decision is to start with the little one and work my way up. Last night Ella woke up out of her playpen (in my room) around midnight. I picked her up, and after 2 nights of no sleep, decided to put her beside me. Well she rolled, and she squirmed, and then at 230 we were drinking a bottle, then at 340, I was exhausted so I just kissed her and layed her down in her baby bed, then walked out. TEars came streaming down my face as she screamed her lungs out of her throat. But it was either do this or just get out of bed and let her play and fall asleep sitting at my desk. (On top of everything, she is trying to recover from an ear infection) so I hated to do her that way when she clearly doesnt feel good. She screamed for about 30 minutes and fell asleep. I wanted to cover her up because it was cold, but didnt want to wake her so I cranked up the heater for her to stay warm, needless to say, we were left sweating. But she slept until 730. Yeah for her. I finally went to sleep around 430 and had to wake up at 7! BAD FOR ME! I want to know who invented this concept, and why is there not something else better than this. This is completely insane, well if anyone has any advice , I could sure use some encouragement to know that it is ok for her to cry. (POOR BABY) This is totally cruel! but i should not be complaining, After reading little Ashley's story everyday,I know there are parents who are going through much worse! Please remember little Ashley and all of the little ones in our blog world in your Prayers today and everyday. This is my complaint for the day.


Ashleigh said...

There IS another way! :D At, you'll find some great sleep solutions, tips and advice... exactly pertaining to what you're saying, and not requiring you to go against your motherly instincts of not wanting your baby to cry every night. You have to take everything in moderation... a little crying can be good, but screaming night after night isn't good for anyone. Hope it helps!

Mayhem & Miracles said...

Hi, Krista

I saw your comment on Sarah's blog and also notice your encouragement all the time on Ashley's, so I put two and two together. I'm Ashley's Aunt, David's sister. I am so impressed you are new to blogging. I have tried to put Ashley's button on my site for 3 months and can't figure it out! I just want to encourage you on the motherhood thing. Just being up with your little ones in the middle of the night and knowing the difference between "feeling yucky" cries and "breaking bad habits" cries IS BEING a good mom! Please don't feel like if you compare yourself, you'll come up short. It's the VERY experiencies like what Trish is going through that make us into that kind of mom. This situation with Ashley is exactly what has made her that person. My other sis-in-law once told me that "we only GET the grace for what we're called to. You don't GET it UNTIL you need it. And you are the very best mom for YOUR kiddos. That's why God gave em' to ya!" Anyway, that's why I love this blogging thing too! You can share complaints, praises, experiences, questions and advice with a bunch of other girls you find out aren't too different from whatever you go through. I'm glad you decided to do one. I hope you enjoy it!