Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yeah, as for today I have success. Success in Little Miss One year old sleeping in her own bed for 4 nights ALL NIght. So far I only had that one miserable night of crying. I thought she would sleep next to me in her play pen better than by herself; however, it seems as though she LOVES her bed. Now when she is ready to wake up, she is READY. NO doubt, but while she is tired she wants in her bed! Yeah for her! I know God must be listening to my small Prayers about getting some sleep. WE are working on finding a new bedroom suit for my four year old and she is getting to pick everything out. So come March, she we will be working on her going to sleep in her own room. I have also succeeded this week with no crying.... Praise God. Last night J was gone to a b-ball game and come 8:30 I told Big Miss Priss I was going to rock the baby and she could lay on the floor beside me or stay in the living room and watch tv. She chose to lay on the floor, I layed little bit down at around 845 and then we went to lay down in the big bed. I told her fifteen minutes of tv and lights out. I turned those lights off and she was asleep in five minutes. I got one hour of time to myself and instead of doing what I should have and cleaned, worked on homework, or Bible reading, I chose to call a VERY DEAR friend of mine whom I havent talked to in several months and we talked for an hour. I was so glad I did. God Blessed me last night and I say to him today.... THANK YOU!!!! My Prayer is today that things will continue to get better and we will get some sort of evening schedule! Also I have made a plan, I will be off work every wednesday to work on Homework--I have Physics and Physcology to get through before March!!! YUK BUT I have decided that I will join my friend in starting my day taking a Bible class at her Church at 9am every wednesday before I start my homework. This way I will be refreshed and calm. they just started today and I am so excited-I cant wait until next week. I was unable to attend today, because I had other appts this morning.
That was for a good cause as well, I was announcing the Crop being held for little Ashley! I know God will bless that day for her and her family. Keep her in your daily Prayers as well as our other little ones listed (Addison, Emma Grace, Rachel, and Chloe's family) I dont know them all yet but I am reading new ones everyday and saying Prayers to God for healing and comfort. Chloe Is the Angel watching over her friend Ashley now, and I Pray for her parents that God will comfort them during this time. I dont want to leave anyone out so I just lift all of those children up that I do not know about! Thank you 'God for loving me and my family today. Thank you for bringing me t Ashley's website so that I may grow closer to you through her story. In his name, Amen.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Glad she slept in her own bed.

Mayhem & Miracles said...

Yay! I'm so glad for the sleeping progress. It's helps so much to not be too tired. It sounds like you're making some good choices (Bible study and nurturing friendships) and God is blessing you for it! Believe me, it WILL get easier. The harder you work at it now, the bigger the blessing your little angels will be in about 5 years. It sounds like forever, but it does go fast (except on the really whiny days - ha ha) Thanks for visiting my blog. I've really enjoyed getting to "know" ya! And thanks for setting up the crop. That's awesome. I wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about your little ones and the challenge to get them to sleep on their own (finally sitting down to comment a bit). We had to do "cry it out" with Emily because it was either that or I would lose my sanity. Rachel, on the other hand, has been in our bed or parented to sleep since she was a wee one. This past week she was going to sleep on her own for a few nights and then it all got thrown out of the water the past few nights. She's a sensitive soul and for some reason isn't doing too well with it again. I know part of the thing that gets to her is not being near Mommy. I can't blame her because it all began when I was yanked out of her life and put in the hospital while waiting for Emily's arrival.

All this rambling to say . . . I feel for you in this. I look forward to seeing how the journey turns out for your oldest. My mom often tells me I have a "soft heart." Yeah, I guess so. LOL!