Friday, March 23, 2007

Get out of the Boat

Last week I received an email from a girl that I graduated with...I was in a college class with her husband not long ago and didnt realize that she was his wife..very strange..anyway, I am on their address list, and she sent out a mass email saying that she had a Beth Moore Living Proof tick et for sale. I answered her email "immediatley" saying "I want that ticket" ! I new nothing about this event and didnt even know if we had the $55 for the ticket--God just said "You are going"! I know who she is and I have read one of her Bible studies (never finished it of course)! So I thought well I'll give it a try! I looked up info on this event and found out it was sold out! Well obviously I wouldnt be able to invite anyone at that point so I had committed to this ticket and was going to go by myself. I have been very nervous because I dont do well by myself.

Our preacher has been teaching our Sunday School class and is doing a great lesson on "Boat Potates" and "Water Walkers". Can you guess what that is about? The story when Jesus told his disciple to get out of the boat and "come" to him---during the storm he told him to walk on water. What does this story have to do with me going to a Bible Study? Well, I do not like going places without my family because I am always scared something will happen. I talk myself into staying home most of the time! I have been away by myself a time or two and just felt miserable. I get so tense inside and I am a nervous wreck! This time I had no choice--I spent the $55 and lets face it "God told me to "Come"! I was excited and nervous-wondering ok what does He have planned for me and my family now? i really should stay home, we have a mice family living in our garage-(a whole other story) I need to clean and do laundry! But I could sure use the rest in the hotel room by myself!
So I got out of the "boat" and drove myself to Shreveport! Sweating the whole way of course! I get to the event late--have you ever seen 14000 women trying to get into the same place at once? It isnt pretty!!!!!! I ease myself into a seat next to some total stranger and begin to listen to Travis Cottrell's Praise Band (Awesome by the way)! As I was listening to his powerful music--I started to sweat and get short of breathe--wondering ok--we are about to be bombed -what better place for someone to get to than a building with 14000 Moms, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, and friends who are filled with the Holy Spirit! I almost walked out--I was so scared--This fear has overcome my life! Then at that point Beth Moore walked out and the lights came on! She started to speak --I immediately calmed down and sat back in the chair and began to listen. She is such an awesome speaker--I will post tomorrow on what the lesson was about after it is over. But for tonight- I just had to post on how amazing God is! I know he brought me to this place--Was it for rest? (He knows I need it) Obviously not because it is 11 pm and I am typing my journal! It had to be to find my Faith! That is what she spoke about--finding your trust and letting him take our stones and build a temple in our hearts! It was so I could rest ---but not "real" lay in the bed and sleep rest---but to rest in Him! I want to do this and I so desperatey want to let fear go and give it to him. I Pray tonight for strength and Peace as I rest and go into another powerful lesson tomorrow! I Praise God for giving me this time for myself and I Praise him for keeping me safe. I Pray I will get through another day as I "get out of the boat" and begin my journey home!


Staci Barham said...

Hey girl...I am so glad that you got to go and of course I am jealous!! You will have to share all the info. with me. I am so proud of you for not backing out and are so right when you say that God was leading you there...AWESOME!!!

Mayhem & Miracles said...

Yay! This post just made me rejoice with you! I love how you purpose in your heart to seek God and be honest with Him. I love that you got time to just enjoy yourself and be fed without all the responsibility of every day life. What Momma doesn't need that? And like any good Christian, you are growing!

CrownLaidDown said...

I am so glad for what the Lord has done! May He continue to fill you fully with Himself, so that you may be an overflow of His love to others.
Praying for you, sista!

Terri @ In His Hands said...

What a great post! I absolutely love Beth Moore and would have been thrilled to go but like you, I hate going places alone! I wrote a post on Laced With Grace last month about that passage in Matthew. It truly helps me focus on Jesus when I think about it and suddenly my worries seem to vanish. Sometimes I have to say a mantra, "Focus on Jesus, focus on Jesus, focus on Jesus" but it works!