Sunday, February 4, 2007

Beautiful Blessing

Ok, so I had something to post yesterday, but by the time I slowed down enough to type, I was way too tired. So I am about to get ready for Church and I have time this morning.. maybe.. if little Miss will play and allow it... Anyway. yesterday was a beautiful day and I was able celebrate one of the most beautiful Blessings God gave to me. Last year on that day, I was HUGE, IN PAIN, and wishing I would have never met "A HUSBAND"!! YEP I was Pregnant.. who couldnt have guessed that right? Well, after 10 or 12 tries they managed to get the IV in and wheel me back into the operating room, the got the spinal to work (YEAH, my first child, I had to be put totally under)! so I was feeling strange and waiting, My husband and my mom brought over this bundle of precious little girl to me.. I was so relieved and excited of course, then as the doc was finishing up and making it where this would never happen again, The vomiting started, Have you ever tried to do that with NO FEELING from your neck down...VERY DIFFICULT.. that went on for an hour, then for the next 24 hours the nurses had to add pain to my tummy because something didnt work right and anyway, She was born on a friday and that Monday we brought her home... I already have one little one so this ought to be fairly easy.. We cuddled and slept and fed and changed... Pretty basic stuff.. Then came Wednesday............

My mom decided she would come spend the night and sleep with little miss so we could get some sleep (God's definite plan) My husband had a b-ball game so he was gone until late.. well, around 730 the baby let out a WEIRD scream, I went to pick her up and she was doing a weird jerking motion, As a mom, I thought instantly, the dreaded "seizure" term.. Gran of course, said no way, shes too little quit panicking... so again at 1030..right after my husband came in (again God's work) it happened again.. I insisted. we are going to the ER, so we get there and get ridiculed for bringing such a new baby into a sickly place like that, and then they dont get to witness this so they want to send her home as a muscle reflex... not happening.. something is wrong and I am not leaving.. (God's work again...another doc decided to watch her overnight).. this happened every two hours --I was a basket case knowing exactly what was going on.. but not one person would confirm it or run tests, or anything..When the pedi doc came by at 7am the next morning.. I said an immediate prayer... "God if you are listening, please let her have another episode RIGHT now so someone else can see this" Low and behold.. he heard my cry. she went for 2 minutes and it was worse.. We were then sent to Shreveport, LA to some pedi specialist, I lost it.. I was at that very moment regretting I had ever wanted another child..I cannot handle it if i lose her..What have I done??? anyway to cut this post down some and to cut down on time.. I will just say 5 days later and MANY tests later.. she was fine.. she had a calcium deficiency... her parathyroid glands were not developed and after they pumped her with tons of calcium.. 8 weeks of special milk and a supplement added she was good to go.. Since then she has not let me forget all of those needles.. she is getting me back, into everything. on the go.. wild (is eating magazine paper as I type) and definitely NOT the little Princess I thought I had.. But she is a beautiful Blessing and a beautiful reminder of how God was listening to those Prayers.. and I didnt realize that until now.. She is one and I am so happy he allowed me to have her while I am on this earth..I will try and post a picture maybe tomorrow I have to get them loaded..Thank you Lord for trusting me with these two amazing little girls! "But that is it, dont give me anymore"!! Off to Church!