Monday, February 12, 2007


Now, I am just plain mad! I just typed a whole post and lost connection with my computer. The devil is really getting me today… Then I just discovered… duh! Type it in word, you dingbat, and then copy and paste!!!!

Ok, so I will try this again, but those feelings are gone now so I don’t know how this will turn out…………
I am struggling today, and Satan is really gnawing at me! As I read through Ashley’s journal today, I am saddened. Tears of hurt for her mommy, for her, and for me! I want to know, Is GOD listening? There are so many people praying for her, every time she gets better and close to getting out, another bomb falls on her and she starts to struggle! What is it? Is there someone out there still needing to be reached? Is there something he wants from us or from them? I am mad at myself for getting attached, I am mad because I want her to get better. I am mad because I feel these things.
As I was reading through Blogs last night, I read a journal on (sorry don’t know how to link) and then I found an article on her Story! She lost her four year old in a horrible tragedy in 2001! In the article, it says that she made a statement about how, “there was a reason her family was in that restaurant on that day”! I have always believed “God puts us in every place for some reason”! I have just posted these thoughts last week—but they keep coming back… Here is the updated part of that post
I was told last week to just say out loud these words:
SATAN, GET BEHIND ME!! You are in My way, an offense, a hindrance, and a snare to Me!
And to Pray and give thanks for my healthy girls –so I have been doing that and it is helping some! I just simply say “SATAN GO AWAY”! I don’t want him behind me, in front of me, or even beside me! I don’t want him near me! I love to read these blogs and I love to post—but someone told me-these blogs may have been given to me by Satan himself because he knew it would have a greater impact on me than anything. So I will Pray today for strength, and for guidance to know what it is I am supposed to find out of all of this! Sorry, I will try to post more positive things this week and I will try to get off of this subject! It just keeps lurking! Oh yea, if you read this journal please visit and Pray for this little 2 month old baby, he has been diagnosed with Leukemia, I know his family and they are such sweet people!


Glenda said...

Krista, thank you so much for your phone call this morning. I'm sorry I didn't respond, but it's been "that kind of day" for me, also, ya know dealing with it all. All I can say is that it's Ok. I know everything will be ok as long as we keep trusting in God and sharing Him with others. He kept putting me in places today where I met with several different people I had never met before but they knew Ashley's story and it was such a comfort. Many, many people are praying for her and God is in control and we can all rest in knowing that that makes everything ok. And, Krista, thank you for getting attached. It's dear people like you that keeps this family going because we know you're praying us through. And you know what else? Satan doesn't have a chance - HE'S ALREADY DEFEATED - the dummy just doesn't know it! I love you for loving our little Gherkin and for all your prayers on her behalf and ours. Thank you again and again! Glenda

Anonymous said...

Krista, you have such a caring heart . . . don't let the enemy get in your way. :0)

As for trying to make a link . . . highlight the word you want and find the little picture on the bar (don't know what to call it) at the top of your post that looks like a world with a link on it. That's how you'll make links on your blog! Voila! Let me know if I can explain this better, okay? Blessings.

P.S. I just privatized my blog. If you want me to "invite" you so you can continue viewing my blog, just e-mail me in my profile with your e-mail address and I'll do that for you. Okay? Blessings to you today! (I just caught up on Ashley's Journal today . . . my heart goes out to Trish & Dave. It's heart wrenching what they are going through.)